Remedies for Cold Feet

Sunflowers from a best friend


Painting pottery with my mom and nieces–I was going for the mosaic look.


A delivery of Edible Arrangements on my birthday


A cookie cake…


A trip to the travel clinic that assuaged some fears and escalated others. I did love this bookmark.Image

…and Texas BBQ.


I more or less stopped eating BBQ outside of TX. When I say BBQ I mean beef. Not pork. Not chicken. Beef.  This Spring I did try to give up beef completely…a year after reading this article. Call it ignorant, but I decided I would eat beef when in TX because, surely, it’s all local, right??

When all is said and done, trying not to gain weight when I go home is like trying not to breathe oxygen, something I don’t attempt.

In the end, all of these items relaxed me in some form or fashion up until the day I left.


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