From Saturday to Saturday

This next post will come in a series of installments.

First Installment:

(Preparing for the Beginning) Saturday, August 10

  •  Went to work. The kids come on Monday! School bought pizza for the staff.
  • Thank God for YouTube because I can’t access my Pandora music account while outside the US.
  • Went grocery shopping with a co-worker; spoke with other customers while we waited in the slow moving lines; Tackling Trader Joe’s and the post office in NYC got me used to waiting 30+ minutes just to check out. Here it’s easy to wait at least an hour.
  • I love how people speak Spanish to me and continue at their same bullet train fast Spanish rate even when it’s clear I am not fluent. Practice, practice, practice!

(Work-Life Balance) Sunday, August 11

  •  Went to Mass with a co-worker for the second time
  • I could grasp maybe 2% of the mass and that’s with me knowing how mass is organized. I was hoping knowing the church’s structure would help with my audio comprehension. I am still glad I went and will continue to go.
  • Went to work again
  • Was reminded about work-life balance because the campus is scary and extremely dark at night. I missed a step in the unlit staircase and almost busted my head. I will not be working late in the school like I used to do in Brooklyn!

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