From Saturday to Saturday III

Third Installment:

(The Sting) Wednesday, August 14th    

  •  Received a compliment from the co-teacher I work with that she likes my teaching style. Who says only kids need to hear positive praise on a regular basis??
  • I assigned the kids an activity where they could work with those around them. Nineteen heads bent silently over their work and did not speak for the next twenty minutes. Again, I was floored (and wished I had a book). I reminded them that they could talk and help each other if they wanted to. Outside of the occasional whisper, kids didn’t start speaking until they finished their work. I love their priorities.

DSC03154The kids created bookmarks that reminded them of nine recurring topics in Social Studies. They then created a logograph to correspond with each topic (thanks to Kylene Beers;  I’m currently reading When Kids Can’t Read: What Teachers Can Do).

  • With three teachers sharing the room I was sure the Post-it note name tags would be gone by today. They’re all still on the desks and not one had writing on it. Not even a doodle. Is this place for real?
  • Received some stares today and one man even made a somewhat lewd gesture. I pretended like I didn’t see him (even though he did it twice) and continued walking.
  • A different gym instructor embarrassed me today. She rattled off instructions in bullet train fast Spanish and asked if everyone understood. She then pointed at me and said no and everyone laughed, including her. My first reaction was to laugh too (I did actually) but I cut off my own laugh because I realized the sting was setting in. I thought what she did was rude and insensitive. I understand more than I can speak. I was equally frustrated because when my emotions go up my Spanish goes down. I wanted to tell her after class that I didn’t appreciate what she said even if it was meant as a joke. Then I started thinking about cultural differences and wondering if I would come off crazy for even trying to have that conversation, so I just left it. Still smarting.

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