From Saturday to Saturday IV

(The Balm) Thursday, August 15th

  •  I don’t feel like I have to put on my armor (yet) to go to work. I feel like my teaching style and my personality are aligning earlier in the year than they usually do because I feel OK…I feel good here.
  • The lights went out around 8:30 but I had this in my apartment:


Ok, well, it was brighter in person.

  • I spoke to the security guard in my building (who I practice my Spanish with the most) about the gym incident yesterday and he made me feel better. He explained that people just have a different, darker sense of humor here. He empathized with me. I guess I was more hurt than even I realized because I started tearing up when telling him about it.
  • I always hesitated to speak Spanish in the States because I saw how mean some people could be to non-native English speakers. Quite frankly, I didn’t want the same to happen to me when trying to speak Spanish. My dad has a thick accent. Because of it, he’s received more than his fair share of insensitive and even racist comments (i.e., why don’t you go back to the jungle where you came from?). There are also the complaints that “he’s too hard to understand.” Once, in the sixth grade, I had an Indian substitute teacher. The class began complaining they couldn’t understand her so I would “translate” what she said. By the end of the class she would point at me and I would repeat what she said for people “who didn’t understand.” It was ignorant, and I never forgot it. I never wanted to do that to someone else and I don’t want someone doing it to me.

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