Saturday to Saturday V

Fifth and Final Installment:

Friday, August 16th

  • Week One down and I feel good, even energized! On Fridays I’m usually so exhausted I go into grandma mode. Unless co-workers are going to a happy hour or there’s someone who wants to meet up on a Friday night I am in bed at a ridiculously early hour. Let’s be real, my four and six year old nieces stay up later than I do on a Friday night. It’s been like that since I started teaching six years ago.
  • Today, I went to a Pilates class (this instructor asked if I spoke Spanish and English the moment she laid eyes on me), out to sushi with co-workers, and then to a lounge. What???
  • The lounge, which served Middle Eastern food and offered hookah, had a high school student DJing. That part was weird but people told me to get used to seeing students when I go out.
  • Staff members are extremely supportive and welcoming. They offer rides and my co-worker brought me an arepa earlier in the week. I was too excited!

Saturday, August 17th

  •  I went to the Farmer’s Market for the first time. It’s about a twenty minute walk from where I live. Thanks to living in NYC for five years, that’s definitely doable. I think this will be a weekly trip! I’m munching on some pan de dulce (sweet bread) as I type this.
  • I went to the movies (Identity Thief) with some co-workers too.
  • I’m beginning to feel like I’m learning my way around, which is great.

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