The Way, The Light, and The Truth

I decided to add a new category which I entitled The Way, The Light, and The Truth. Why? It’s to gather all the touchstone texts, artwork, experiences, etc…that I feel have profoundly taught me, inspired me, and shaped me in some way.

Examples of items that go in this category are:

-my personal beliefs surrounding religion, spirituality, and a Higher Power

-food (it is that serious)

-The Museum of Modern Art (the exhibits, particularly when they display the artists’ sketches as well as the final pieces, inspire my writing)

-bridges (personal favorites are The Brooklyn Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge, and The Sydney Harbour Bridge); When I was in a grad class we had to create a metaphor for our teaching practice. Mine was the bridge.


-and, of course, books.

Recently, when I’ve gotten excited about something I’ve been telling people, “It’s the way, the light, and the truth!” I say this as if it’s an apt enough description.

I’ve said it when talking about Kylene Beers’s book When Kids Can’t Read, I’ve thought it when reading The Warmth of Other Suns (I got to meet the author at an NEH event; authors are my celebrities), and Lord knows I’ve said it to myself when eating some good TX BBQ at Pappa’s Bar-B-Q (and don’t play, it has to be the one on Bissonnet).

What do you consider to be The Way, The Light, and The Truth in your life?


One thought on “The Way, The Light, and The Truth

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