The powers that be cut the water in my building to an hour and a half a day. When signs are posted in my building I’m unsure if I’m comprehending the Spanish correctly, but it seems like they’re argumentative and defensive. It’s actually kind of funny to see how building management is saying if people did X,Y,Z it may not be as bad OR that the water situation is out of their control (which it is; I agree with them there).

There’s no one to blame. The infrastructure, in that sense, is still developing.

Regardless, I was looking at the water notification sign like it was crazy when I saw the water would be on from 6:00-6:30 AM, 12:30-1:00 PM, and from 8:00-8:30 PM.

The first day of the new schedule, no water came. Thus, I had to bucket bathe it. I scooped water out of my trash can of emergency reserve water, soaped up, and almost died of shock when I had to dump the water down my back.

I was clean though. And smelling fresh. It was the second time I had to bucket  bathe.

I got home from the gym last night at 8:15 READY for that water…only to discover there was none flowing from the taps. A water truck (I still don’t quite understand what they do; people say they’re bombing the waterlines and I don’t get what bombing being used in a positive sense means) had pulled up to my building seconds before I arrived.

I hoped the water would get turned on once the water trucks left. Nope. I didn’t sweat too much in the dance class I went to anyways. I was too busy standing around looking foolish while everyone spun, twisted, and turned to the steps the fitness instructor never called out.

So, guess where I was when that water came on at 6:03 AM today? Right IN that shower and not complaining about how it got too hot in the beginning and icy cold four minutes later. I would’ve whistled with happiness if I knew how.

I’m slowly getting over the water hump. A former colleague e-mailed me (she herself knows firsthand about water availability, or lack thereof) saying that everything would be alright and to pray. Those two or three sentences calmed me in a way I didn’t even expect.

Maybe I’m just happy because I’m still on a high from successfully helping to MC the Student Council swearing-in ceremony or maybe, just maybe, I’m beginning to nudge towards the next stage of culture shock: gradual adjustment?

I still have to wrap my mind around inflation though…

An aside: when I got home from work today there was a handmade sign requesting a meeting about the water. Clearly, I’m not the only one concerned. I meant to go but my nap turned into full on sleep. I’ve been exhausted these past few days.


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