Two Pieces

The school secretary came to my door with a white package in hand. No, not a package. A box. A nice-sized one.

Despite the fact that 20 kids were in the room, my classroom decorum broke down and I gasped in excitement.

I had received a box from home.

This piece of home had been in customs for about three weeks. Since the summer, Venezuela had a ban on international shipping. The ban just got lifted, but the government’s still making it unnecessarily difficult (and expensive) to receive anything from out of the country. Hence why my package was in customs for close to a month.

I had just about given up on it when it arrived at my classroom door.

I was smiling so hard (and hugging the package to my chest) that the kids even got excited for me. A USPS box never looked so good to me.

Thank you, NYC neighbor, for making my week!

My first piece of mail came from my Momma (who else?).

That took weeks to get delivered too. It’s staying with me my entire time in Venny.DSC03354


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