Happy Halloween!

In all honesty, when I first saw some mothers arrive on campus to decorate for Halloween I didn’t see what the big deal was. It was simply another day and another excuse for me to feed my voracious sweet tooth. I went trick-or-treating a few times as a child. I clearly remember the first time I ever went (it was the year my parents moved my brother and I from our apartment living to a house in the suburbs). Yet, as I got older, I somehow managed to forget that childhood joy.

Former students called me mean because I looked at them like they were crazy when they asked if I was giving them candy for Halloween (never mind the fact that I have such a big sweet tooth kids would come knock on my door randomly because they knew I tended to have candy stashed away somewhere).

But then I arrived on campus today. For some reason, seeing all those decorations hanging amongst palm trees (and feeling a warm breeze instead of the cold snap that I’m used to experiencing with Halloween), made me happy. Giddy even. An annual school tradition, the older kids built a haunted house for the elementary school children. So, I’ll be working late tomorrow at a Halloween party scaring children, herding others, sneaking some hot dogs and ice cream for myself, and just enjoying the childhood memories that I threw to the wayside when I became An Adult.

Though not the best quality, I hope these photos bring you some joy today too.

Happy Halloween!


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