Caracas Arepa

Another restaurant to try out if you’re ever in the city is Caracas Arepa. Arepas (preferably stuffed with black beans and cheese, fish and cheese, or shredded beef and cheese) are a regular part of my diet while in Venezuela.

While waiting on the rest of the group, my friend and I ordered some happy hour cocktails ($5.00 or $6.00), a nice, chunky guacamole with fried tortilla and plantain chips, and rice and black beans. If you choose to drink, the Williamsburg location’s happy hour ended at 7. I recommend the cocktail spiced with ginger (I forgot the name). Deep in hipster territory, I feared the crowd would be out the door at 6, but we had no problem getting a table when the entire party arrived. The wait staff kindly stored my teacher friend’s bags (the forever mark of a teacher) while we ate, and I got to use a little bit of Spanish while waiting at the bar.

Besides the guacamole and chips, the yoyos (sweet plantains fried in a cinnamon batter), croquetas (fried yucca-potato cakes), and La Silvestre (an arugula salad with radishes, sunflower seeds, and a nice, light dressing of olive oil and lemon) are a must. My friends and I all got different arepas, but everyone was pleased with their respective ones. One caveat is that the ones stating they were spicy did not faze me or a friend. They could’ve been spicier!

After three delicious visits over the years (to both the Brooklyn and Manhattan locations), this restaurant will now be a must every time I come to the city.


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