Cooking with The Brooklyn Kitchen

I’ve written before that I like taking classes at Brooklyn Kitchen. If possible to squeeze it into your budget, I highly recommend taking a class at this store. This time around I took a pasta making class. I eat pasta every day.

Every. Day.

My apologies for the plate “presentation.” I couldn’t resist taking (two or three) bites of the pasta before snapping photos.

After kneading my own dough I was a little less swift on making pasta from scratch, but then I bit into that fresh fetuccine tossed in a red tomato sauce and changed my mind. It boggles my mind that simple ingredients of olive oil, salt, flour, and egg can pack such rich flavor.


If I wasn’t trying to keep my bags somewhat light when returning to Venezuela, I would have bought the pasta machine that presses and cuts the dough into delectable beauty.


I prefer the Williamsburg location to the newly opened location in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan because the tables are not on wheels (and, thus, do not shake when six people are kneading dough). During the winter, neighborhoods closest to the water (like Hell’s Kitchen) are brutally cold with an extra wind chill. I honestly try to avoid the borders of the city during the winter because the cold kills me. That being said, the Hell’s Kitchen location shares a space with other food inspired businesses.

If you take a class, everything in the store is 10% off for that day. You also get a printed copy of all the recipes discussed and/or made in class. Most classes I’ve taken also came with wine or beer along with the class-made meal.


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