A View from Bushwick, Brooklyn

This is the view from my best friend’s apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I’m not a photographer, so these shots don’t do justice to the views of One World Trade Center, The Empire State Building, and The Chrysler Building.

I stayed here when visiting NYC. Once a rough neighborhood, Bushwick is getting gentrified (East Williamsburg, anyone)? I am actually not a fan of gentrification because gentrification all too often equals the displacement of poor communities of color. There has to be a way to reduce crime and bring strong businesses to a community without pushing out the very people who were there when times were tough. Shouldn’t they be the first beneficiaries when times get good?

I won’t even begin to discuss the feeling I get when a person says I live in __________(insert gentrified neighborhood here) as if it’s supposed to show how non-pretentious they are when we know FULLY well they wouldn’t have lived in X neighborhood 10 years ago. Hell, I wouldn’t have and I’m willing to admit it!

Nevertheless, the apartment (which he nicknamed his project penthouse) was beautifully decorated and the view spectacular. I described the view as that “cinema hood.” You know in the NY movies even if the person is STRUGGLING they have some beautiful view of Manhattan instead of the full view of another building that blocks the sun?

That’s that cinema hood.

If visiting NYC in the summer, this apartment will be available for subletting (renting).


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