The Dating Abroad Commandments

Before beginning this blog I’d promised myself that I was not going to write about my romantic life (or lack thereof). One reason is because I’ve been told I’m an extremely private person (another friend used the word evasive) and two…it’s what’s expected. Do men discuss such topics with their travel blogs? I don’t know. That being said, the dating topic has been on my mind. Consequently, I’ve decided to come up with six dating abroad commandments.

1.)    Thou shall learn the definition and objective of dating in your new place of residence (i.e., I just bought you dinner which means we will get married in six months or I just bought you dinner which means…I just bought you dinner).

2.)    Thou shall not try to fulfill the romanticized story of falling in love abroad but rather, enjoy thee time meeting new people.

3.)    Thou shall keep the same standards that thou had in your home country. Thou created these standards for a reason.

4.)    Thou shall learn the language to reduce the amount of confusion. Thou are already hard enough to understand in thee native tongue when thou liketh someone (i.e., Thou babbles too much).

5.)    Thou shall not throw common sense out the window in the name of carpe diem. Thou needs to still be safe.

6.)    Thou shall not act as if the country is thee sexual playground (i.e., Asia’s sex trade).

Any thoughts on what could be four more commandments?


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