In Honor of Super Bowl Sunday…

…I included this link titled Super Bowl by the Numbers.

I really don’t care about sports. At all.

I managed to grow up in Texas and not love football, go to a sports-obsessed school and graduate unfazed at the mention of sports, and just…be. As a high school student I was able to be an extra in the, now infamous, Houston Super Bowl Half Time show because they needed kids to scream while JT, Janet, and Kid Rock performed. To this day I’ve never experienced as strong of an adrenaline rush as I did when I saw just how many people were in the stadium.

That’s saying a lot since I have sky-dived.

But, still. The thought of the Super Bowl does not move me.

When I was studying abroad in Australia, I explained to my brother that I was a day ahead since I crossed the International Date Line. His response? “So it’s Super Bowl Monday instead of Super Bowl Sunday over there.”

I love it.

In honor of my male and female friends alike who will be ignoring phone calls today, eating take out, and planning large Super Bowl parties, enjoy! When I get back to the States I just might partake in future Super Bowl celebrations just because they’re such a huge part of American culture.

Or, maybe I’ll be somewhere else in the house reading and eating my plate of food.


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