My Heart Belongs to Gloria

I love Gloria Estefan something fierce. Her Greatest Hits album cover (the first one, I suppose) is firmly implanted in my childhood memory. As far as I’m concerned, she’s right up there with the other powerhouse singers of my childhood: Celine Dione, Whitney, and Mariah. As a writer, Gloria’s lyrics get me every time. One day I’ll buy a red tulle skirt just to honor her.


I listen to Gloria’s Spanish music to improve my own language skills, and I get excited when I can understand the subtle differences in meaning between songs she recorded in Spanish and English.

While jamming to Gloria and cooking, imagine my surprise when I noticed Salsa Casino, the dance class I’ve been taking since September, in one of her videos.

I even recognized some of the steps from the salsa class. It made complete sense though because Gloria is Cuban and this style of salsa originated in Cuba. I’m slowly learning things here in Venny!

Side note: the class has been wonderful for my Spanish language acquisition because I have to listen to the cantante (the person who calls out the steps) while dancing.


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