Donors Choose in Fast Company

I’m a big fan of Donors Choose. My last year in NYC I got a $400 project to get Anne Frank resources funded in less than a week. I was astounded and ecstatic. It’s nice to see the organization get some positive press coverage and even nicer to see that the founder was an actual teacher who can speak to the ins and outs of the classroom.

I must admit, I did not like taking pictures of students to send to donors. I felt like it could turn into a museum of artifacts showcasing poor children being thankful for receiving something they truly deserve (i.e., the resources for a better education), but it was OK. The kids’ parents had to approve of the pictures in advance. When the kids wrote thank-you cards (which I still do when I receive gifts), they warmed my heart. They were so sweet, and the kids really got into decorating the cards.

Donors Choose has a revolutionary idea to track where people are asking for classroom supplies.

I love it even though I’m leery of digital tracking systems.

I say it’s time to shine a light on which areas are not really getting those tax funded dollars to stock classrooms. I, for one, got way too used to spending my own money on classroom supplies. Towards the end, my mother was shipping huge boxes of classroom supplies because she loves giving to educational causes (yes, a gift card would’ve been easier, but my mom cherishes the process of preparing packages for people).

Other teachers sent home a huge school supply list (thus, pushing more of the costs onto parents) because their school was not even giving them so much as a ream of paper to make copies. It was, and is, ridiculous.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Donors Choose. This organization has my full support!


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