Some Looks Need No Translation

I was riding the elevator down to get some fresh air when a neighbor locked eyes with me and pointedly asked where I was going. Despite blonde eyebrows being arched over green eyes, she might as well have been my momma staring me down with a “Don’t even think about it.” Some looks need no translation.

I told her no further than the building’s foyer and she relaxed with a nod. She then turned to the other neighbors in the building and explained that I didn’t speak much Spanish.

They nodded understandingly.

The full meaning of this short interaction was left unsaid. We are out here, but you should stay away.

And that I have been doing.

I feel like it’s a damned if you do or damned if you don’t situation right now, especially as a citizen of a country that Maduro publicly states is trying to topple his government.

People started collecting rocks at my building yesterday, I suppose to launch at motorists who dared to cross the makeshift barricades. A light pole has now been added to the pile of rubble in the street.

When I went “outside” (as in stood on my building’s gated patio), someone was pouring lighter fluid across the barrier. To my knowledge, it never got lit.

At one point in the day I received a flurry of text messages to not go outside because something was happening on the corner. The police came out and, supposedly, people were arrested.

So, I’m inside and just hoping that all conflicts will stop: the conflicts in Kiev, the conflicts here, and the conflicts in other nations.

Just stop.


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