And Then the Tears Came

I burst into tears today before laying down for a nap.

Not those silent, cinema tears where a woman still looks graceful. Those three year old, snot-inducing like tears that you only shed around close friends and family (Who am I kidding? I shed those around whoever happens to be near me at the moment).

I know. I was surprised myself when they started. Yesterday I went downstairs, and my spirits were lifted. The roadblocks seemed to be waning and cars were passing through.

Then, I kid you not, trucks pulled up with building supplies and potted plants. As my heart fell, less than twenty people re-did the barriers, complete with potted plants, fresh wire, and Lord knows what else. This is to add to the red-shirted effigy hanging across our street (red is the political color of the current government).

“At least they’re trying to make the neighborhood look nice,” my mom said sardonically when I told her about the potted plants. I laughed. Then.

Today, I was about to head outside when a warning (complete with a post to Facebook) went out that national guardsmen were firing in a neighborhood that borders mine.

And plans to go out were scrapped.

The day before that three men were throwing rocks at cops.

And plans to go out were scrapped.

So, I’ve been reading a lot. Sleeping a lot. Feeling listless. Being anything but productive (I can’t really focus).

And going on YouTube.

Here are some videos that have made me inanely happy during a trying time. This Bruno Mars “Marry You” video lifted my spirits the most. Yes to love in a time of conflict!


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