Don’t Take Photos Please

A co-worker and I walked to the market today. Again, it was packed. In the middle of the market a small parade of people came through protesting. My co-worker (who’s also learning Spanish) said they were chanting that business should not be going on as usual while protests are occurring. I didn’t hear them/understand them. My response? People need to eat. Besides, there ain’t nothing else to do if (for reasons I’ve already discussed) you choose not to enter into the protests.


While walking through one area a man shouted out to my co-worker (nicely, I have to give him credit) not to take pictures. I have a rule where I don’t take pictures of people without permission. If I do take pictures of people, I don’t post them publicly. Maybe he didn’t want his face shown (which is understandable), but my co-worker wasn’t trying to capture people in her frame.

DSC03490My favorite part of the day had to be right here in my own neighborhood. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Carnaval weekend. Usually, people go to the beach or travel. Since that’s nearly impossible right now, my neighbors decided to make a beach scene right in the middle of the street. I had to appreciate the sarcastic humor. Grown adults are participating in this big game of make believe to drive home the point that the protests will not stop because of a holiday. People were coming downstairs with beach chairs, beach clothing, dominoes, beach towels, coolers, the whole bit.

It’s just another day in the life of a protestor.


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