Maya Angelou’s NYT Obituary

Maya Angelou’s NYT Obituary

One of my first college memories is all wrapped up in Maya Angelou. She used to speak to the freshmen at my school every year once school began.

I heard her twice.

We would cram into the chapel big enough to fit hundreds, if not a thousand people, and be mesmerized by her fame, her voice, her. It was Maya Angelou!

A group of us once waited outside the chapel hoping to have a brief conversation with her before she headed to her car. It didn’t happen (I’m telling you, I shamelessly fit the stereotype of a groupie when it comes to writers).

I won’t pretend that Dr. Angelou was a woman who revolutionized my life or greatly inspired my writing.

She wasn’t.

That being said, I have to give honor and respect to any person born black, female, and Southern at a time when that spelled death before it spelled human and rose to as great of heights as she did. I feel as if it’s almost sacrilegious to say something bad about her (like it is when people speak about MLK, Jr.). That in and of itself is saying something.

I read two of her memoirs and a few pages of a third book. Today, after reading the news of her death, all I could think is that Oprah must be sitting somewhere crying right now.

May she rest in peace.


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