Smorgasburg, A Brooklyn Food Market: Where Self-Control Comes to Die

I have about as much self-control when it comes to food as a toddler. No, I don’t reach and grab food from other people’s plates (yet…when I’m old I’ll pretend that I’m senile and do just that), but I will eat almost anything.

People often doubt my love of food because I’m small (thanks to a mix of genes, the gym, and being on my feet teaching).

But then they see me eat for the first time. Somewhere throughout the meal someone always comments “you really do eat” as if I had lied to them before when I said I enjoy food.

Smorgasburg,a food fair in Brooklyn, is heaven in what can be a hellish city. On Sundays, it’s at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park.With the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge filling your sight, it’s only right to fill your belly with good food too.

For my first visit to Smorgasburg I told myself I wouldn’t get too much since I was heading to a friend and travel mentor’s birthday brunch in a matter of hours, but I ended up with maple-syrup sweetened iced tea ($4), a duck bun from what I think was a Korean place (I was too busy eating to bother reading the restaurant name, $5), and a passion fruit with cocoa flakes donut from Dough ($2.75). I had to get the passion fruit because it reminded me of Venezuela since I drink passion fruit juice there all the time.

There’s really no need to worry about calories while eating at Smorgasburg. You’ll burn enough off during the trek from the nearest subway to Pier 5. That being said, you might want to grab another glass of the lemonade to cool you off during the walk back. It’s an uphill climb.

I’m just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “Smorgasburg, A Brooklyn Food Market: Where Self-Control Comes to Die

  1. I love it!!!! High five to pretending to be a senile old lady when the time comes. I can’t wait to go! I’m glad you got a chance to experience Dough! I’ve been addicted for the last year. I think you’ll also love the Brooklyn Flea in the parking lot of Bishop Laughlin high school in Ft. Greene.

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