Brooklyn Called Me Beautiful Before Anyone Else Did

By the time it was all said and done, I somehow managed to gain weight while visiting part-time lover, AKA New York City. I started visiting NYC when I was a senior in high school. Ten years into our “relationship,” this is literally the first time I’ve managed to put on weight while having to walk as much as New Yorkers walk.

Who does that?

My greedy behind does.

I communed with friends and people I truly love over Juliana’s pizza (go here if the cash only line at the famous Grimaldi’s pizza place is too much for you), Alice Arbor’s French fries with mayonnaise, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory’s flavors, Thai spots, Italian enclaves, Dos Caminos’ guacamole and enchiladas (Manhattan), Cabana’s soup of the day (Manhattan), Fourth of July turkey burgers, Red Rooster’s  prix fix menu (especially with sweet potato donuts; Harlem), soul food in Harlem, and Lord knows what else.

I ate and ate and ate.

While my body, clearly, got nourished (I just have to look around my middle to see that much), my soul was nourished too.

And for that I am eternally grateful. This trip to New York City, particularly Brooklyn, was an extremely affirming one. It was better than I expected (and better than the December visit).

I mentioned in an earlier post that Brooklyn once called me beautiful before anyone else did. After staying in the iconic borough for two weeks again this summer, that statement just got validated. When I am in Brooklyn I get compliments on my natural hair (which, without prior planning, I ended up changing four times in two weeks), the fact that I wear no make-up, and just that I’m me. I can’t explain it, but I do appreciate it.

I only had two this-is-why-I-moved-out-of-this-damn-city moments.

Overall, part-time lover, you were good to me.

Thank you.


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