Must See New York Sights: Brooklyn Bridge, Juliana’s Pizza, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and Brooklyn Bridge Park

Whenever in New York, I try to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. I used to be within its vicinity about once a week (I’m winking at you Brooklyn Heights), but did not visit the bridge on a regular basis. This time around, I was there three times in two weeks.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the perfect example of architecture as artwork. Whether driving across or walking across, I always feel my spirit lifting as soon as I see the suspension chords and the iconic arches.

I suggest walking the bridge from Manhattan (get off at Brooklyn Bridge City Hall from the 4, 5, or 6 trains) to Brooklyn.

When on the bridge’s Brooklyn side, make an immediate right on Tillary and a right again onto Cadman Plaza West. Follow the road to Old Fulton Street as it veers to the left. There you’ll get some beautiful views of the bridge and hit the iconic Grimaldi’s pizza.

Though I have wanted to I, myself, have never eaten at Grimaldi’s. Juliana’s Pizza, a couple of doors down from Grimaldi’s, accepted cards (Grimaldi’s did not), had no line when I went during a weekday lunch hour (granted, neither did Grimaldi’s), and wonderful pizza that I know had Grimaldi’s ownership glowering into their pizza oven.

You can read about the rivalry between Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s thanks to it being plastered on Juliana’s front door or here.

If you don’t get Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory’s ice cream for dessert at Juliana’s (you know I did), just head down the street past other popular eateries, such as Shake Shack, to get to the place yourself.

It’s only natural that the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park will call to you when there’s margherita pizza in your belly and a peaches and cream ice cream cone (or cup as I prefer) in your hand. You can easily walk along the water for unobstructed views of Manhattan and The Brooklyn Bridge. If you go on a Sunday, you’ll run into the food lover’s paradise known as Smorgasburg.

You can also walk to Jane’s Carousel which, naturally, was full of children and their parents. I didn’t ride on the carousel as planned (wasn’t in the mood), but I did avail myself of its benches and large, metal ceiling fans.

I can’t stress it enough: visit The Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park when in New York City!


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