The Trip That Started It All: The Grampians National Park and Great Ocean Road in Australia


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As briefly mentioned in the last post, the University of Melbourne sponsored trips around Australia for international students. Two trips I went on were to The Great Ocean Road and The Grampians National Park.

A beautiful memorial to the soldiers lost in WWI, The Great Ocean Road is a road I would travel every month if I could. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I will say this much: driving even a piece of The Great Ocean Road is a meditation on nature, loss, hope, and the beauty of it all.

When I went to The Grampians National Park, some areas had sustained extensive fire damage. The same happened again this year. It was eerie to walk amongst blackened trees that looked like sentinels from a war long lost, but there were beautiful moments too. I began to fall in love with nature at The Grampians. Before then, I was a central A/C and a cool drink kind of girl.

I still enjoy those things, but I also enjoy day long hikes (with a tour-guide, don’t play) and the spiritual peace nature brings me.


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