Where We Came From and Where We Went, State by State

This New York Times article is everything. I love graphics, and I love anything that talks about migration.

1.) My home state of Texas has the highest native-born population retention rate in the country. Even I didn’t know that. Texas, I’m coming home to you baby. No, seriously. I see myself living back in Texas within four years. I never thought I would be gone this long to begin with. I do wonder how the transition back home will be though…

2.) A quote about New York, my old stomping grounds… “One of the state’s leading exports is its people.” I migrated there (for too damn long) and migrated right back out.

3.) North Carolina–the hidden love of my life, the place where I went to college is “one of the fastest growing states along the East coast.” I love that place something fierce.


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