Why ‘no excuses’ charter schools mold ‘very submissive’ students-starting in kindergarten

One of my best friends, who used to work in Education (with a capital E, thank you), sent me this article and asked what I thought. As I’ve posted about before, I’ve only worked at charter schools in the States.

This fact is very unfortunate because, quite frankly, working at charter schools does not align with my educational philosophy (the reasons why will have to be saved for a different post). Working at charter schools did pay the bills though while there was a years-long hiring freeze in NYC’s Department of Education due to the economic recession.

I worked at KIPP. An unfortunate fact once again. The rigid, domineering form of authority described in this interview is exactly what I experienced (and participated in). As hinted at in the article, I’m beginning to think that certain charters purposefully recruit young, naive teachers as a way to mold them to accept an authoritarian culture just as much as the kids do.

It’s ironic really. We’re supposed to be giving kids a better education so they can become dynamic, creative thinkers…but they’re somehow going to develop into independent thinkers when they can’t even fathom standing in line for the restroom without having their right foot firmly planted on the white line that runs throughout the building (not the left foot, the right foot). And, yes, that example comes from experience.

I’m beginning to think I won’t post about American Education again unless I return to graduate school for my Ph.D. I’m just getting to be…over it. I’m over the nonsense and the “experts” who either never taught or taught for less than five years. I’m in year seven and still have tons to learn before I even think about calling myself an expert.

What are your thoughts?


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