A Quick Trip to San Antonio

Travel Criteria:

  • Within Texas boundaries as a way for me to save money
  • A Megabus ride away (which was on time and clean, I love Megabus)
  • low key
  • great Mexican food (aka my other comfort food) readily available

Since San Antonio met all of these criteria and then some, my mom and I made a weekend trip to this city of about 1.5 million. Still tired from my return to Venezuela and a Christmas spent cooking everything under the sun (which I, surprisingly, loved doing), I actually did not map out an itinerary. I just wanted to see The Alamo and eat some great Mexican food.


My mom could’ve cared less about The Alamo (I’m blaming that on the fact that she never had to survive Texas History classes like I did as a child), but it’s a beautiful site to see. Smaller than Texas history makes it out to be, don’t let the long lines deter you. We got inside in under 30 minutes. You can hold a gun replica (so stereotypically Texas, I know) and see glass cases with guns that were popular during The Alamo’s time period. I’m not a fan of guns in any way shape or form, but the exhibit was interesting.

DSC04265     DSC04226

Of course, my mom and I took the usual bus ride around the city and strolled along the famous River Walk. Some parts were packed with tourists while other segments seemed to unfurl just for me and mom. A guided river boat tour was a trip highlight (and cheaper when bought as a part of the bus packet), but my favorite stop–naturally–centered around food.


Mi Tierra is a 24 hour restaurant with the best hot chocolate I’ve had in years, a full blown bakery, and quality Mexican food. Just like with The River Walk and The Alamo, crowds abound but the wait is not unreasonable. I was impressed with the amount of decorations hanging from the ceiling and just happy to be out of the cold.

When my Megabus rolled back onto I-10–with a bag of Mi Tierra’s baked goods nestled in the seat between me and my mom no doubt–I was glad to have returned to a city I hadn’t seen in 10+ years.

San Antonio made The New York Time’s 52 Places to Go in 2015 list. If you do decide to go to this friendly city, just make sure to bring me back a little something, something from Mi Tierra please.

I’m just saying!


6 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to San Antonio

  1. I hope you ate in “Old” San Antonio and not the Riverwalk restaurants – the old section has better cheaper and more authentic Mexican food. Riverwalk has the largest AND most expensive Margaritas EVAH!

    • I did eat at a Mexican restaurant that was off of the Riverwalk, and it was disappointing! The food at Mi Tierra in Market Square was much better, but still not as good as my favorite Mexican restaurant in Houston. I’m sure it’s because I eat with my emotions, so the place in Houston just lets me know I’m home. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. … and then there is the original Taco Cabana, if it is still there. I used to eat there often when I lived in San Antonio, almost 20 years ago. I always thought the food there was SO much than at the chain restaurants that came along later.

  3. I love San Antonio! Mark played at a conference there two years ago and we got to spent ten wonderful days there. River walk is so beautiful and yes, how cool is that Alimo. Glad I didn’t have to sit through Texas history classes- lol

    • 🙂 I would definitely go back and explore more. I want to head out to Texas Hill Country from there too. Yes! Texas history had to have been one of the most boring classes I ever had to take in my life. Of course, my teacher loved it though. 🙂 I loved that old man for that. 🙂

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