Carnaval 2015, Los Cayos

There are some vacations that renew the spirit, plain and simple.

For me, this was Carnaval 2015. Last year, I didn’t go anywhere thanks to the guarimbas–political protests–that rippled throughout Venezuela.

This year I had wanted to go to Los Roques, but the plans fell through weeks before Carnaval vacation.

At a travel agent’s suggestion, I ended up booking a posada at Los Cocos (all by my lonesome and in Spanish!). Nestled near my favorite beach in the world (yes, it trumps Australia’s beaches), Los Cocos was a serene getaway. Usually a romantic destination for couples, the posada fed me like my grandma does: for two. Two jugs of fresh juice greeted me every morning and a dessert dish greeted me every night.

Though Los Cayos–a series of cays Venezuela owns–was packed with vacationers, I was at peace. I read, wrote, ate, and meditated. During my last day there I even met up with a new friend’s family and was soon plied with food. While eating fried plantain and cheese, chicken, and whatever else was offered me, one couldn’t have convinced me that I wasn’t somewhere in the South, a willing recipient of Southern hospitality.

I’m not sure if I’ll be back to Los Cayos since I’ll be leaving Venezuela for good in June, but time will tell.

Regardless, Los Cayos has imprinted me with its spirit.


2 thoughts on “Carnaval 2015, Los Cayos

  1. You do realize that you can’t leave South America without coming to Brazil, don’t you? And that you haven’t been to Carnaval until you’ve done it here? 🙂

    • 🙂 I really wanted to go to Brazil again before leaving South America, but I don’t think that’ll be happening. I have my Brazilian visa now though, so I’ll have to return!

      And I have to experience Carnaval one year in Brazil. You’re right about that!!!

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