I Left My Heart in Peru, Part IV-Cuzco and Lima

When I returned to Cuzco after visiting Machu Picchu it was in the middle of Holy Week.

While walking back to Greens Organic for another delicious meal, I stumbled upon processions that reminded me of medieval Europe. Men marched through the streets bearing ornate altars honoring Jesus and what I assumed was The Virgin Mary (head to my Instagram page to see a short video clip of the parade).

As the band played and the men in suits bore the heavy altars on their shoulders, I had to stop and honor the moment. Though I’m no longer Catholic, I respected and understood a community’s devotion to the point of physical pain. 

Shoulders must be bruised, backs aching, and limbs stiff after carrying such weight in the name of the Lord. One thing is for sure, religion has driven people to deeds of immense beauty and immense cruelty.

I decided that this parade was a moment of beauty.


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