My Heart Is Breaking Thinking about Baltimore

I’ve been writing lately about how I’ve left my heart in Peru. My heart was snatched back right to my home country this week when thinking about more deaths in police custody.

My heart is breaking thinking about Baltimore.

It’s as simple as that.

My internet has been in and out for some time. When it flickered back on this evening, I see that the National Guard is being called out because of the rioting in Baltimore.

I was happy today. I’ll probably cry once I lay down to sleep tonight.

I honestly don’t know for my country. I understand the anger. I understand the violence, but I want peace. I want truth. I want justice.

I want America to have a Truth and Reconciliation Act like South Africa and gacaca courts like Rwanda.

I want a change.

But, for now, I just have my thoughts, an oscillating fan, and a silent apartment in Venezuela that is thousands of miles away from home and from my people.


4 thoughts on “My Heart Is Breaking Thinking about Baltimore

  1. I have no idea why I began reading your blog entries but I did several weeks ago. I am getting to the point of stopping reading the news – I mentioned this to my exercise partner this morning as we took our beautiful race walk around lovely Lake Merritt estuary here in Oakland CA. She told me that she’d never know anything if I didn’t keep her informed. So I guess I will be stuck reading bad news for a while longer.

    • Yes, the news is very, very depressing. It portrays the worst of humanity too often. I think it’s great (and important) that we stay informed even if we need to disconnect every once in a while for our own sanity. Nature always brings me peace, so you have me interested in visiting a new place one day.

      I’m glad to hear that you’ve been stopping by the blog. I hope you enjoy it and keep returning!

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