Indonesia vs. Venezuela

Indonesia vs. Venezuela

While at my freshly minted new job, I found myself getting dizzy. Closing my eyes briefly, I took a deep breath to steady myself.

My life has changed dramatically within the last two months, and the change was physically getting to me.

Exactly two months and two days ago, I left Valencia, Venezuela–where I’d been living for the past twenty four months–only to (im)migrate to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Though I did not state it on the blog at the time, the violent political protests during my first year abroad solidified my decision that I would not be staying in Venezuela long term.

Thus, I started the job search last summer and right before Thanksgiving, 2014 I landed one…a 20.5 hour plane ride and 12 hour time zone difference away from my hometown of Houston, Texas.

While Venezuela had extreme scarcity (re: I had to bring my soap, shampoo and feminine hygiene products from the US because there were severe, painful shortages in Venezuela), Indonesia has bounty. Where Venezuela had insecurity, Indonesia has safety.

But I miss the people in Venezuela. I always will. As a way to honor my old stomping grounds and my new one, I decided to create my first infographic.



5 thoughts on “Indonesia vs. Venezuela

  1. This should be interesting…. at the very least. Indonesia is the Muslim-majority country that I would most like to visit. It would be my hajj… 🙂 Indonesian Islam seems to have a softer face. It has fascinated me for a long time, so I will certainly be watching out for your future posts. (Full disclosure: I am Muslim.)

    • Yes! Indonesia is the first Muslim-majority country I’ve ever visited. When I think about it, I’ve only visited Christian-majority countries so far. That’s about to change soon I think! I’m excited to be here. I can hear the call to prayer (I live near a mosque) and church bells. Love it. I’m trying to catch up on posts now since I’ve been so busy with the move. Thanks for continuing to follow me!

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