Hello, Jakarta

I was trying to ride the stationary bike, but my behind was too sore to sit on it.

Two days after completing a 20+ hour journey across the globe, I was still hurting. Since disembarking in Jakarta, I’ve decided that I will never again in life fly directly from Houston to Tokyo (12. 5 hours), kill three hours in an airport, then fly to Jakarta (8 hours).

Tokyo and I are going to become good friends, maybe even more than friends, because it’s going to be my layover city every time I head home (sorry, part time lover).

Though I was sore and waking up in the middle night ready to work thanks to the jet lag, I couldn’t complain much.

This stationary bike that I was attempting to ride was in the fanciest hotel I’d ever stayed in, compliments of my new job.

The Shangri-La Hotel is that five-star luxury hotel I never thought I’d step foot in even under the pretense of a honeymoon.

Yet there I was, loving every second of it.

I wrapped myself in the terry cloth bathrobes, got a manicure and a hot stone massage (during the 30% off special times!), ate the daily room service delivery of fresh fruit, dined at the largest buffet I’ve ever seen in my life (who knew one could find Indian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Western-style breakfasts all under one roof? Welcome to Indonesia), and  fought with the automatic window blinds (where’s the little plastic stick you pull when you want to close the blinds at night?).

My Instagram page has some snapshots, but neither photos nor words can do this hotel justice.  The hotel was a lush experience of beauty and relaxation that I needed to calm my anxiety about choosing to move halfway around the world.

Though I’m completely aware that five-star living may be some people’s norm, it’s definitely not mine. I can’t afford it, and that’s fine with me.

That being said, if my stay at The Shangri-La is any indication, I think I’ll be enjoying my time here in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hello, Jakarta.


6 thoughts on “Hello, Jakarta

  1. These are certainly “interesting times” in Brazil. The economy is falling apart and there is a serious political crisis, born of corruption, inefficiency, etc. which is leading to serious (and ill-advised) calls for impeachment of the President, among other “things”. I haven’t been spending as much time with my blog as I should.

    Anyway, I hope your time in Indonesia is interesting rather than “interesting”, remembering that old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” 🙂

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