5 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Southeast Asia, #4

I’ve learned many things since moving to Jakarta, Indonesia the day after my 29th birthday. This mini series is my attempt to cull down this time of intense growth into five life lessons.

Now, my fourth lesson is that it’s very easy as a human to get used to events, scenarios, phenomenon, etc…that just aren’t normal. Case in point, it’s not normal to walk around with Tums, Pepto-Bismol tablets, and whatever other kind of medicine because you don’t know when you’ll fall sick. But guess who’s walking around doing just that? Me.

It’s not normal to wake up in the middle of night and then decide to pack a suitcase, read, call someone who’s Stateside, etc… But guess who’s doing just that? Me.

What’s interesting to me as I still continue to bully my body into a routine is how we as humans can normalize unhealthy behaviors in the name of love, work, success, etc…

Our ability to adapt is amazing, but at what cost does it come at?

This question is rolling in my mind because just a few hours ago when I slid into a taxi the cabbie remembered me because he had to drive me to a 24 hour clinic when I was sick. That day I did some tests…and had the nice man drive me to work instead of back home. I reported to work on time too.

Yet, despite what American culture may say, that’s not something I should be proud of. It’s unhealthy, and I have to check how much abnormality (shrouded in a new cultural experience) I’m allowing to become normal in my life.





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