I’m Back…

I’m back in Jakarta for a second year and have vowed to relaunch the blog after an extended hiatus. As I posted before, I essentially stopped writing because I felt like I didn’t have a lot of positive things to say.

And who wants to read a blog that’s filled with negativity? I know I don’t.

But I need to write for myself–to state publicly the world that I want to come into existence, the world that I need to come into existence.

A world where Blacks don’t have to march to persuade people that our lives matter; a world without inequality; a world without ignorance and a world that does accept my experience as the norm: a Black, highly educated American woman traveling abroad.

To the people who have trouble wrapping their minds around my chocolate skin holding an American passport, being born in the USA, speaking English as my first language, support a certain Republican demaogue during his presidential run, and the list goes on…

This blog is for you as much as it’s for me.

So, I’m back, y’all! 🙂


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