Costa Rica: A Photo Collage

My mom and I recently took a trip to Costa Rica to honor our “special birthdays ending in zero,” as my school likes to call them. Bluntly put, I turned 30 and my mom turned 60. I never understood women who wanted to hide their age. It’s old-fashioned and ridiculous in my mind…and I’m coming from Texas.

Age and aging is something that should be celebrated. Ten years ago I left the United States for Australia, my first time ever leaving the continental part of my country. As a 30 year old, I have now been to 14 countries, which is miniscule to my well-traveled colleagues but a lot to me and my family.


Costa Rica would be the first time my mom ever left the States; the first time she ever tasted fresh pineapple and papaya at their peak of ripeness because they didn’t have to be shipped to the States; the first time she saw an entire family of four on a motorcycle because….well, people have places to go.

And she loved every minute ot if.


At her suggestion, we went with Caravan’s all-inclusive tour. Though some people may turn their noses up at all-inclusive travel, I say travel how you want to. My mom loved it, which meant I adored it, and it was nice to not have to worry about connections or anything.20160713_163513

If the pictures are any indication, Costa Rica is a beautiful country of volcanos and beaches, sloths and butterflies, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque gardens and beauty. I definitely look forward to returning!

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? What are your opinions on the best ways to travel? All-inclusive or independent?


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