Proud Overseas Voter 2016

I am proud to write that I recently mailed off my absentee ballot. As I posted back in August, the last election cycle was the worst voter turn-out in 72 years. Though I voted in that election cycle while living in Venezuela, I have sat out of non-federal elections in the past.

With the likes of Trump, a Congress that refuses to vet a Supreme Court nominee and ignorance, I’ve vowed to never do that again.

Trump is a national disgrace. Regardless of whether or not he wins come November, he has done untold damage to the US. He’s enabled racists, bigots, and hate mongers and torn at the very fabric my country so desperately needs to weave together with all of its diverse people. Couple this with the fact that Americans don’t like to discuss inequality and racism within their own society because of the Myth of Meritocracy and who knows what the future holds?

I’ll tell you what the White House will not hold: Donald Trump and his family.

He’s sexist, racist, and a bigot. He epitomizes all that is wrong with a heterosexual, wealthy White male and does a disservice to the many White males who fit these categories but are nothing like him.

I will forever be amused by people who are born with privilege (re: Whites, males) who can’t seem to get it together and be successful. Then, they want to turn around and blame immigrants or other groups for their own failure.

Let me be clear: the US was built for you. It was built by enslaved Africans and dispossesed immigrants, but it was built for you and for your liking. The forefathers were definitely not thinking of a little black Southern woman’s rights when they wrote our founding documents. They were thinking about landed (re: wealthy) white males.

If you can’t make it work (*throwing up my hands in the air*) I don’t know what to tell you.

Actually, I do. I’ll tell you the same thing that conservatives love to spew at everyone else: Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and stop blaming others.

Isn’t that what you always say to disenfranchised groups?

So, get to it then!

Until then, I’ll continue to admire an athlete like Colin Kapernick for thinking about social justice over endorsement deals, continue to look at Justice Ginsburg’s comments about Kapernick as the PERFECT example of white female privilege dismissing people of color, continue to have conversations about race and privilege, and continue to be a #proudoverseasvoter.


2 thoughts on “Proud Overseas Voter 2016

  1. Good for you! It’s so ugly over here. Trump supporters are promising a bloody coup and Revolution if Hillary wins. It’s about to go DOWN!!!! Hillary as of this morning has a sweeping 12 point lead. I’m pretty sure Trump will not win but I’m also certain that the hate and bigotry that he has unleashed will now be unfiltered and ready to revolt.

    Maybe another year in Indonesia doesn’t sound so bad lol.

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