Hurricane Harvey is A Hard Reset

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. As I’ve written about before on this blog, the diversity that surrounded me as a child and teenager was the best education I could’ve ever received.

Last month, Hurricane Harvey came and devastated my city. I followed the news while far away in Jakarta and, naturally, worried about my parents.

I feel beyond blessed because my parents did not lose their lives or their homes. The worst that happened was that my father’s car got flooded out when attempting to drive in the city before all of the waters receded.

At least one subdivision zoned to my former high school had to be evacuated, but my little neck of the woods didn’t experience any flood damage even after the reservoirs were opened to prevent the dams from bursting.

Hurricane Harvey has been the computer technician who gave my outlook on life a hard reset. I still get upset with work drama and have visions of being a healthier person, but a huge part of me just doesn’t care anymore.

Someone says something that annoys me? I get peeved but think My family’s still OK though. 

My hair’s being its normal self and not wanting to cooperate? My family’s still OK though.

My family’s still OK though.

My city will have to rebuild, but as long as I can rebuild with my mom and dad the rest of life’s drama will be like the floodwater: something that has to return to its source (re: the ocean and/or the negative X factor in my life) and leave me the hell alone.

My new goal for the remainder of this year and beyond is to really let go of the bitterness I’ve carried concerning people and/or institutions that I think have hurt me. I recently had two painful sessions where a physical therapist of sorts massaged/pounded out all of the knots in my muscles.

I had no idea I was carrying that much tension in my body.

The release made me want to cry. It also made me vow to let stuff go because the body will tell on me even if my lips don’t.

So, Hurricane Harvey, you’ve forced me to take a hard look in the mirror. I want to change for the better, and I may just document some of that journey here.


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