Bullet Journals R Us

Back in July, I decided to start a bullet journal (or what I like to call a dot journal to my friend’s chagrin). Various events sparked this decision:


1.) My ridiculously creative sister-in-law told me about the dot bullet journal and showed me hers.

2.)  My eldest niece is a craft maniac and extremely introverted. I’ve decided to work on my own crafting skills as a way for us to spend quality time together without feeling a need to keep a conversation going. She’s not always one for much talking, so I better learn other ways to communicate with her. Quickly.

3.) A former professor of mine who traveled who traveled around Indonesia when she was 20-something (but is now retired) encouraged me to journal as much as I could about this time in my life.

Since this will be my fifth and final year living abroad, I’m trying to capture the beauty and annoyances in my life.

So far, I’ve made two mini vision boards in my dot journal. I adore the habits tracker (item #13 in the BuzzFeed article I linked above) and even started following some bullet journal devotees on Instagram.

A significant chunk of my bullet journal is dedicated to gratitude. When the political riots broke out while I was living in Venezuela, I had to focus on little things to make me happy. As a way to wrap up my final year overseas, I’m returning to that. Consequently, I’ll be posting about trips I’ve taken since moving to Asia that  have made me richer in terms of memories and experiences. Please stay tuned for that!

On another note, do you keep a journal? If so, what tips do you have for being consistent with your writing?


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