2015’s Most Popular Posts

Now I know I’m ten days late with all of the countdowns concerning my most popular blog posts from 2015. What can I say? I made a conscious decision to travel around Cambodia and Vietnam sans a computer for the last three weeks. That decision meant I would not be blogging because I abhor writing on my cell phone.

Yet, lo and behold, only one of the most popular posts from 2015 was actually written that calendar year. For example, this year’s third place post, J’Ouvert in Brooklyn, was 2014’s most popular post while 36 Hours in Curacao was second place in 2014 but claimed the top spot in 2015.

I don’t know if my feelings should be hurt or, as WordPress puts its, I should think of my writing as commanding staying power. šŸ™‚Ā Regardless, here’s the recap!

5.) Bryan Stevenson: We Need to Talk about An Injustice

One of my best friends gave me Stevenson’s book, Just Mercy, as a gift. It’s a heartbreaking, beautiful read that kept me up late reading on work nights. Stevenson confronts the racial and class disparity with death penalty sentences while arguing for complete abolishment. Some of my students wrote about this very topic for their argumentative essays, so I suggested they watch this TED Talk.

4.) Traveling with Eczema: A Skin Care Product Review, Part 2

I have struggled with eczema since adolescence. This product review was a way for me to explore other methods outside of prescribed medicine to keep my eczema in check.

3.) J’Ouvert in Brooklyn, NY Ā 

As I wrote in 2014, you can’t get around J’Ouvert when living in Brooklyn. This is my experience of “playing J’Ouvert,” a hallmark of Caribbean culture.

2.) TFA and KIPP? I Vote No.Ā 

I am against both organizations. This post details some of the reasons why.

1.) 36 Hours in Curacao

Curacao was a last minute destination when violent political protests disrupted my original intentions to travel around Venezuela. In the style of the New York Times column, here is my suggested itinerary.

Note: In the coming months there will be numerous posts about my Cambodia and Vietnam sojourn. I’ll also write about some local trips around Indonesia. This three week trip rejuvenated me, and I hope to blog more than I did in 2015. My new job is keeping me too busy to return to 2014 levels, but I’ll try my best.

Happy New Year, Everyone!