Charleston, South Carolina

“We’re going in circles!” my youngest niece whined.

“We’re not going in circles,” I responded, tightening my grip on her slackening hand “we’re going back and forth.”

This was me in the midst of a short trip to Charleston, South Carolina. In theory, it sounded like a fabulous idea. My mom, my two nieces, and I would explore Charleston–a new city for all of us.

But traveling with children is a whole ‘nother beast.

And. I. Was. Not. Ready.

We were turned around because of me, and my nieces were getting cranky. Finally, we reached our destination and my nieces’ moods improved.

Charleston is a Southern town that dripped history like I was dripping sweat. Undoubtedly developed and made wealthy because of the slave trade, it’s not a place to be ignored. Case in point: one can see Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began, from Charleston’s shores.

When not enjoying the architecture of the conveniently located Embassy Suites–which renovated the original Citadel–my family and I were out and about. There was the tour of Charleston with the affable Alphonso Brown and his company Gullah Tours, sweetgrass baskets to be purchased (Tiny ones! They are expensive!), and outdoor markets to explore. Naturally, a trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, and a carriage ride that my nieces were excited about but promptly fell asleep on. Before taking a carriage ride, I suggest grabbing a treat from King of Pops first. It kept me cool (and my nieces quiet) while in the withering heat.

The following morning while savoring a delectable buffet style breakfast at the hotel, my mom and I vowed to return.

And as much as we love our Girls with a capital G–who were at this point happily polishing off pancakes, bacon, eggs, and every thing else in sight–next time we’re returning without kids.