A 20 Hour Layover in Aruba

Just like last year, I didn’t want to return to work. As the situation becomes more unstable here in Venny, it’s becoming harder and harder to travel.

The hellish holiday trip home saw me going from Venezuela, to Curacao, to Aruba, to Atlanta, to Houston–my final destination. Now, I had to do the reverse trip.

This time around, I had a 20 hour layover in Aruba, an economical AirBnB reservation (Aruba may be “One Happy Island,” but it’s also One Expensive Island), and an iron will. After my panic attack-inducing experience at Aruba’s international airport, I was not looking forward to stepping foot there again.

Yet, I’m extremely happy I did.

The main item that made my jaunt in Aruba so renewing was the people, plain and simple. I’m from the South, but Arubans take hospitality to a whole new level.

Let me count the ways:

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