The Trip That Started It All: The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef was everything, honey. The Crayola colors of fish and coral left me in awe and in peace. A two hour boat ride from the coast to The Reef, I’m humbled just by being able to say that my one (and only) time scuba diving was at The Great Barrier Reef.

I REFUSED to let go of my instructor’s hand the entire time. Every under water picture is with me holding tightly to her. I digressed to the likes of a five year old. And I have no shame about it either. Well, maybe a little.

While the rest of the group ventured out in pairs, the two of us swam around together; she pointed out the various animals and coral.  Somehow we ended up in the middle of a school of fish—but they didn’t scatter off in surprise. The fish just continued their lazy swim around us. I also saw a sting ray skidding away from us along the ocean’s bottom. One set of coral had these purple obtusions (yes, I think I just made up that word)  sticking out of them. When you snapped your fingers close to them they sucked all that purple goodness back inside their hard shells. That right there reminded me of The Little Mermaid, a childhood classic.

Australia 084-1

Even though I was nauseous after scuba diving and snorkeling, this picture sums up how the day left me feeling. It was the beginning of my Crown Jewel of Memories. It was the beginning of Australia.