Gratzi, Obrigada, Thank you, Brazil

A friend took all photos posted here. I can’t take credit for these!

I had run out of currency in Brazil.

I had 4 Reales to my name…which translated roughly as $2.00. It was enough to buy the Coca-Cola that taunted me from my hotel refrigerator.

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Back from Brazil

As I alluded to in earlier posts, I went to Brazil for about five days in order to attend an educator’s conference. Save for a stop at the plane gate because the gate attendants thought my visa wasn’t valid (it was), getting to Brazil and back went without a hitch.

I can’t even lie, it was nice to get out of Venezuela. The State Department put Valencia, the city I’m staying in, on a list of places to avoid. Due to the unrest here, I can now identify and describe the sound of tear gas canisters being dropped. I heard it every night for weeks on end (thankfully, I cannot describe how it feels to get tear gassed).

I went through low-level culture shock when I got to São Paulo, Brazil. One, I didn’t know nary a word in Portuguese. Still, it was freeing to walk around, go out at night, and just be.

The fact that one of my best friends and a college friend were in São Paulo too meant no one could tell me nothin’.

So, here’s a little live music sample of what I think is bossa nova that was being played at a club one night. My friend recorded it on my behalf. I can’t lie, I was asking him to whip out that iPhone left and right knowing fully well my phone (abroad) is for dialing and receiving calls within Venezuela and that’s it.

The woman’s voice was beautiful, and it reminded me of the blessing that was Brazil.

Pictures (that my friend mainly took) will be coming shortly. I took about 10 pictures the entire time I was there, and none of them look good!


This is where I’m supposed to be traveling to tomorrow. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

Does anyone else remember the Venga Boys? Full admission: I own one of their albums. I can blame it on being in middle school. In adulthood, I have bought a Portuguese phrase book a Lonely Planet guide to Brazil. Apologies for the quality of the video link. The one with the better link also had a frozen picture of a woman in a thong. To each their own, but I did not want that to be the first image a person saw when clicking on my blog.