Hue, Vietnam



The night market in Hue is so small I think a person can trip, stumble a few steps forward, and miss the entire thing. Minute stores sell paper lanterns, jade statues and jewelry. Lights shine over sliced green mango with chili pepper, fried treats and soups bubbling in large metallic pots.

The market’s real jewel was actually something that couldn’t be purchased: the Truong Tien Bridge. A rainbow of colors illuminated the steel structure while white headlights moved across it.

Hue is as an ancient city replete with pagodas, lakes, and a citadel. In my opinion, a full day tour is enough time there. Some buildings still need some major restorations (I wonder what kind of artwork is beneath that black substance was a thought I had on occasion).  For food, I suggest the restaurant Nina’s Cafe that’s tucked in a back alley amongst a slew of hostels (try the Hue pancake). Though I can’t say I would visit Hue again, I’ll let some photos I took (displayed above) guide your decision if it’s a place worth visiting.