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Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America

My response to this NYT article? Good. My hella biased and bitter ass wishes I’d seen the light earlier.


Top 5 Posts of the Past Year: #2 TFA and KIPP? I Vote No.

My second most popular post on my one year anniversary countdown is TFA and KIPP? I Vote No.

I have very strong opinions, grounded in years of personal contact (years in relation to KIPP; about one year in relation to TFA), concerning these organizations. I sat on this post for days, consulted with my mother, thought about it, etc…before deciding to go ahead and publish it. I already know that one day I’ll publicly discuss (where I’m physically present and not just writing from a computer) my lack of support for both organizations. Until then, this post says it all for me.

Top 5 Posts of the Past Year: #2 TFA and KIPP? I Vote No.