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Filled with Gratitude and Thanks: Immigrating is in the BWA Finals!

For the past two weeks I’ve been tired and stressed. Since childhood, healthy stress management has been a Herculean task for me. Stress has caused my hair to fall out on more than one occasion, my body to feel tired to the point of dizziness, and my right eye to run water as if I was crying.

And, yes, it was just the right eye because I need another awkward moment in my life.

After mandating that failing students come to my office hours for remediation (at my school the kids actually come without arguing, which equals a modern-day miracle), parent meetings, lesson planning, and “catch-up” Saturdays at work, I still found myself up until the time where yesterday kisses today entering last minute grades.

I haven’t been to the gym in a week, my hair has been looking crazy for the last two weeks (nothing new there), and I opted out of a Saturday beach trip because I’m dreaming about a Saturday lying in bed more than a Saturday lying on the beach.

In short, I’m exhausted.

I was preparing to crawl into my cotton bed sheets at a time that would shock my grandma when I discovered that this blog, Immigrating with a Purpose, made it to the final rounds of the Black Weblog Awards in all four categories where it was nominated!

In all honesty, I’m floored and beyond humbled. My goal was for Immigrating to simply get nominated, and here it is in the finals.

Thank you, readers, for your votes, well wishes, and congratulations.

Writing is my version of therapy; I’m honored that the words I type as a way to calm my overactive brain resonates with others. May this hopefully continue.

And what was that I was saying about being tired again?

I think I just got my second wind.